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Marine biotoxins are a complex group of organic compounds produced by microalgae that can accumulate in food chain of marine organism. These marine biotoxins endanger human health through fish and shellfish, which are an important ingredient of the human diet. Nevertheless, analytical method for many marine biotoxins have not been standardized due to few standards available and daunting issues such as very low concentration in organisms, high levels of analogues, and interference with other biotoxins. The AGRS develop new and improved analytical techniques for the identification and quantitation of emerging marine biotoxins based on high performance mass spectrometry.

Research highlights:
  • Development of efficient and selective biotoxins isolation from marine organisms
  • Simultaneous monitoring and quantitation of biotoxins in marine organisms
  • Rapid de novo identification and quantitation of marine biotoxin using MS/MS spectral libraries
Relevant publications:
  • Since 2020, AGRS has been conducting a marine biotoxin project jointly with Jeju National University and Ministry of Food and Drug Safety (MFDS) (20163MFDS641-4).
  • "Absolute Quantitation of Cyclic Imines of Shellfish in the Korean Peninsula Using LC-MRM/MS", 6th Asia-Pacific symposium on food safety 2021, 2021, Poster presentation.
  • "Simultaneous Identification of Structural Analogs of Cyclic Imines in Marine Biotoxins Using LC-MRM/MS",
    128th General Meeting of the Korean Chemical Society,
    2021, Poster presentation.
  • "Simultaneous Identification of Cyclic Imines of Marine Biotoxins Using LC-MRM/MS", 2021 KSMS summer conference, 2021, Poster presentation.
  • "Liquid Chromatography/Mass Spectrometry of Marine Biotoxins with Simultaneous Screening and Identification by Product Ion Spectra", 127th General Meeting of the Korean Chemical Society, 2021, Poster presentation.
  • "Simultaneous Screening of Emerging Marine Biotoxins using Liquid Chromatography/Mass Spectrometry", The 16th KSMB Annual Meeting & International Symposium, 2020, Poster presentation.