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In forensics, accurately establishing a person’s time of death can often make the difference between a conviction and an acquittal. However, standard methods of post mortem interval (PMI) estimation are easily confounded by extenuating circumstances and/or environmental factors. Therefore, a panel of PMI markers is often necessary to definitely establish time of death. Glycosylation is highly affected by its biochemical environment, and numerous studies have linked changes in glycosylation to diseases and other changes in the body’s metabolism. The AGRS is developing a novel way of estimating time of death for a potential new source of PMI markers using MS-based glycomics approach.

Research highlights:
  • Development of glycan extraction from the trace amount samples found in crime scene
  • Glycome profiling of human fluids & tissues
  • Glycomics based PMI marker discovery
  • Paleo glycomics : Mummy glycosylation
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