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Clinical biomarkers cancer

Aberrant glycosylation has been recognized for decades in cancer, and is now being observed in a variety of other diseases and metabolic processes. Mining the glycome for biomarkers, however, requires detailed analytical methods that can accurately profile large numbers of glycan samples from complex biological mixtures. The AGRS has developed a number of MS-based platforms for rapid processing, analysis, and identification of potential glycan disease markers.

Research highlights:
  • Rapid-throughput glycan enrichment by robotic SPE
  • Isomer-Specific LC/MS and LC/MS/MS Profiling
  • Characterization of novel glycans
  • Comprehensive native glycan profiling
  • Biomarkers discovery of infection disease and cancer
  • Identifying diagnostic and prognostic biomarkers that can be used for the detection of cancer and cancer subtypes
  • Discovery of novel specific biomarkers of infection disease and cancer

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